Rencontre avec le CIO Luxembourg 2014

Jean-Luc Martino, CIO of Raiffeisen, talks to CIONET Luxembourg:

  1. What do you think about CIONET concept?

Jean-Luc Martino
The CIONET concept is interesting and even unique, since it is the first European community that gathers CIOs and IT managers.
CIONET Research reports are an interesting source of information allowing to see where the companies go when it comes to IT and how the CIO is positioning in relation to the new issues: a useful and concrete source of information !

  1. Do you think that CIONET could bring you an added value in your daily work?

As its name says it, the first CIONET added value is the creation of a network that allows to create and to have contacts in order to exchange.
These exchanges may concern problems encountered by most of the CIOs independently of the country and the business sector. That may also concern the solutions implemented and the feedbacks about experiences.

  1. Does the international dimension of CIONET interest you?

Yes, in as much as it allows to keep an eye on what is going on internationally and to see how Luxembourg is positioning according to this.
It allows to have a broader vision and thus richer.

  1. What are your expectations in 2015?

As mentioned, my expectations essentially affect the sharing of issues, reflexions and solutions, particularly in general fields that concern the fundamental of the community. I especially think about issues related to security and about requirements which grow stronger in this sector: authentication, signature, high privileges management access, activities logging, etc. Archiving and electronic management of document are fields which are going to evolve a lot too with the new laws and an exchange in this area would be a bonus.
I think that feedbacks about experiences on technologies are also interesting to be shared; I notably think to BI, CMS tools, GED tools.
Finally, there are lots of initiatives in IT in the Luxembourgish place (Digital Letzebuerg, Fintech, etc) and it is not easy to follow it. CIONET should allow to inform better the CIOs about these initiatives.

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