Alexander De Croo to speak at CIONET Belgium annual event

CIONET Belgium’s annual event, which will take place on January 27th in Vilvoorde, promises to be the highlight of the year for Belgian CIO’s.  Twelve speakers from very different backgrounds will update you on the newest trends and insights in their respective field of expertise, from robotics, to social media and anticipating future trends.
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3 keynote speeches!
This year we will welcome 3 special keynote speakers.

  • Deputy prime minister in charge of the Digital Agenda Alexander De Croo will explain his plans with the digitisation of Belgium;
  • Vice President of Forrester Laura Koetzle will present the latest insights in transforming the security threat into a competitive differentiator for your business;
  • Entrepreneur and social media expert Penny Power will  provide her latest insights in how to maximise your exposure and relevance through social media.

Decroo 200x133 Laura-Koetzle 200x133 Photo©John Cassidy The Headshot Guy® 401009
2 top CIO’s
Learn from your peers! We are very please to welcome Herman De prins, CIO at UCB, and Werner Jacobs, CIO at De Lijn this year. They will discuss the latest trends and learnings in their role as CIO.
7 Special trends and interests
Top experts and experienced professionals will update us on their field of expertise. Prof. Vanderborght (on robotics), Fons Leroy on trends in the (IT) labor market, Martine Tempels (on STEM platform), Joachim De Vos (on planning future trends), Bruno Lowagie (on how startups thinks), Alexander Riedl (on the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs) and Patrick Arlequeeuw (on new initiatives from CIONET).
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