CIONET Portugal's annual event: CIODAY'2015

Last february 19th CIONET Portugal held its annual event at Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, in Lisbon. In this event 3 CIOs of the Year were recognized for their work in 2014 in 3 different cathegories: technology driven CIO, business processes driven CIO and client driven CIO.
The winners this year were:
Manuel Monteiro, CIO at Hospital-Escola da Universidade Fernando Pessoa (Fundação Fernando Pessoa) – Technology driven;
Raúl Carvalho das Neves, COO at Impresa – Business Processes driven;
Elsa Graça, CIO at Banco Santander Totta – Client driven
Thanks to all the participants in the event! You can see some pictures of it below.

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