Congratulations to the European CIO's of the Year 2015

CioCity-day1 At the international gathering CIO CITY’15, CIONET proudly presented this year’s winners of the European CIO of the Year awards.
For the fifth time in a row CIONET, together with Cegeka, brought together a committee of experts to select three winners from a selection of 23 prominent finalists from 9 European countries. Judges selected the top three in the respective categories, each representing an important type of business value that CIOs help organisation achieve.
CioCity-day1This year the award went to:

  • Public Sector (ex aequo): Paul Danneels (VDAB, Belgium) and Piera Fasoli (Gruppo Hera, Italy)
  • Medium Enterprise: Jean-Luc Martino (Raiffeisen Bank, Luxemburg)
  • Large Enterprise: Mattias Ulbrich (Audi AG, Germany)

Selection criteria included examining how well CIOs adjusted their IT strategy to meet business needs; how successful they were in deploying ICT and related teams to meet business requirements and to effectively manage business priorities. The CioCity-day1final three winners were selected on the basis of their own and their team’s accomplishments.
Congratulations to all the winners, but most certainly to the 23 finalists of this year’s award! All of them have achieved major successes in turning their businesses digital, and leveraging technology the make their organisation more successful! You can read their achievements, and their main learnings, in the report “Digital leadership 2015: turning digital into value‘.
Watch the interviews with the winners here:

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