Jean-Luc Martino wins 2015 European CIO of the Year Award for Medium-sized enterprise

CIONET International and Cegeka today announced the winners of the 2015 European Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Year Award. Jean-Luc Martino, CIO of Raiffeisen Bank in Luxemburg receives the award in the category Public Sector.CioCity-day1

Presented by UNESCO Director of Digital Society Indrajit Banerjee, the awards recognize the success of CIOs who have increased their organisation’s competitiveness by using information and communication technologies (ICT) to create significant business value.
For the fifth time in a row CIONET, together with Cegeka, brought together a committee of experts to select three winners from a selection of 23 prominent finalists from 9 European countries. Judges selected the top three in the following categories, each representing an important type of business value that CIOs help organisation achieve: Public Sector, Medium Sized Enterprise and Large Enterprise.
The following CIOs earned this year’s award:

  • Medium-sized enterprise: Jean-Luc Martino, CIO, Raiffeisen Banque, Luxemburg;
  • Large enterprise: Mattias Ulbrich, CIO, Audi AG;
  • Public Sector (ex aequo): Paul Danneels, CIO of VDAB, Belgium and Piera Fasoli, CIO of Gruppo HERA, Italy.

Selection criteria included examining how well CIOs adjusted their IT strategy to meet business needs; how successful they were in deploying ICT and related teams to meet business requirements and to effectively manage business priorities. The final three winners were selected on the basis of their own and their team’s accomplishments.
“It is striking to notice how much more business impact these CIO’s are having,” said Frederic De Meyer, Program Director at CIONET International. “Virtually all of this year’s candidates have put programs in place to get their ICT teams work closely with business people.”
“As a pan-European IT service provider we experience how CIO’s can make the difference for their businesses”, says Christoph Neut, Chief Commercial Officer of Cegeka Group. “The jury of this prestigious award has elected four CIO’s that have shaped their IT organisation in a clever and innovative way, and made their organisations more agile to prepare them for the digital future. Organisations that invest strategically in digitalisation will obtain a sustainable competitive advantage.”

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