Benchmark on European ICT skills gaps and mismatches

The survey has identified the e-competences of over 2,200 ICT professionals in 28 countries across greater Europe. The project was led by CEPIS and implemented together with national informatics associations that are CEPIS members.
The results provide a unique view of the status of professional competence in Europe.
Among other findings, the most striking ones were:

  • only 15% of European ICT professionals are females
  • Project management is the most job profile among the respondents
  • 36% of ICT professionals work for large enterprises
  • Less than 16% of ICT professionals are under 30 years old
  • ICT professionals have a high level of formal education but not always in ICT (66% of those who participated stated that ICT was the main focus of their education)

You can download the full report here, or the country reports for Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Italy and Norway here.
This initiative was carried as part of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, an EU-wide initiative to address the competence mismatches and fill vacancies of IT practitioners to boost employment. Read more

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