A unique seminar on Managing Digital Transformation

From February 25 to 27 the Swiss University of Applied Science and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland will host a unique seminar on managing digital transformation.

Digital transformation has become the most significant managerial challenge in organization development. It impacts the organization’s entire environment. Externally, it affects the organization’s strategic position in the industry; internally, it influences the nature of the relationships between individuals as well as organizational units. The world is complex and so is change within an organization. It is often the case though that organizations approach change as if it were a simple thing to implement. Digital technology-driven transformation represents a challenge with enormous potential for organizational growth and development. It also presents leaders with significant organizational risks. To implement and realize the benefits of digital transformation, leaders must understand the intended consequences of technology and, perhaps most importantly, identify the potential unintended consequences of the organizational transformation.

Systems thinking is an evolving discipline that adopts a holistic perspective on organizational systems. It follows from the systems principle that individual performance improvement does not necessarily improve the performance of the entire system. Management must focus more on the improvement of the interactions of the parts taken together than on the improvement of the actions of the parts individually.

The objective of this seminar is to sharpen managerial inquiry through application of the systems thinking methodology. The principles and tools of systems thinking will be presented through lectures and discussions. In this way, you will be invited to examine and shift your mental models in order to gain a deeper understanding of complex transformation challenges, thus managing your organization’s digital transformation more successfully. The experiential learning environment will feature personal reflection, conversation in pairs and small groups, and the entire group sharing of emerging insights. By participating in this workshop, you will gain new “habits of mind” through investigating root causes and identifying highleverage interventions for sustainable change.

The focus of the training is to equip you with the skills to visualize an organization’s business model in terms of the structures and policies that create dynamics and regulate performance.


The main seminar content blocks:

  • Evolution, opportunities and challenges of a digital world
  • Thinking in and modeling of systems
  • Identifying places of leverage
  • Implementation practice (case study work)

You will learn to apply causal mapping and simulation models to help identify and understand relevant elements and decisive success factors in business models and the relationship between them, and thus promote effective digital transformation. You will consider the use of simulation models, management flight simulators, and case studies to develop conceptual and modelling skills for the design and management of innovative business models in a digital world.
You will also receive a temporary iThink license to build and examine simple models during the seminar.

Target Group

This seminar is appropriate for upper to senior management in IT, HR, Finance, and other business functions who want to further develop their business innovation and transformation management capabilities. Participants should have responsibility for the integration of digital technological innovations and new business models into the organizational strategy.


You need to have 5-10 years of experience in business innovation and transformation management.


Seminar FHNW, 2 ECTS points


3 days, February 25-27, 2016


University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)
School of Business
Peter Merian-Strasse 86, 4002 Basel


Dr. Michael von Kutzschenbach (FHNW)
Dr. Carl Brønn (NMBU)

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