2 exclusive webinars in January! IT-business alignment and Digital Transformation

In 2016 CIONET will launch a new set of webinars for and by the community. We start the year with two exciting topics that will offer you relevant insights for the success of your ICT organisation:
January 13th, 11:30 am
Strategic Alignment between ICT and the Business. In this webinar Prof. Jorge Coelho will provide a high level view of the alignment of ICT in an organisation, using a top down, systemic and process oriented business architecture, based on organisational competences, and following a 3 independent (but related) dimensions view of the organisation: chart, business architecture and operational business processes. Click here to register!
banner_comminsights_learnings-from_bigJanuary 20th, 11:30 am
Learning from digital transformation success stories. In this webinar Nils Fonstad from MIT will discuss his findings and best practices with digital transformation, based on his latest research and interviews with top CIO’s worldwide. Click here to register!
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