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ITWNET-pyramid_0CIONET is very proud to announce the launch of a sister community, open for every IT professional. ITWNET’s aim is to become the global community for IT Managers and Professionals supporting their daily need for inspiration, learning and connections.
ITWNET-topicsFocused on 9 key topics that are vital for every single organisation, the community offers fresh insights, peer advice and education to solve tangible issues and discover best practices for every one of them. Over 185,000 IT professionals in 40 countries are already benefiting from this community on a daily basis in order to get the best available insights on:

  1. ITM: IT Management – Including ITSM, SIAM, sourcing, IT Governance, IT Architecture, frameworks, and much more
  2. NXTTCH: next technologies – including IoT, Cloud, Enterprise mobility, Workspace of the future, virtual/augmented reality
  3. TALENT: Every aspect of the most important asset in IT, the people!
  4. SECURITY: including cybercrime, hacking. privacy, malware, identity
  5. DATA: including big data, business intelligence, storage
  6. PPPM: Portfolio, Program, and Project Management
  7. DEVELOPMENT: DevOps, agile, lean, engineering, etc.
  8. SOURCING: vendor management, Service Agreements, supply chains, etc.
  9. SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE: apps, data center, sustainability, systems, networks, tooling, 
open source, social media, etc.

You and your team can join as a premium member for free and start enjoying these benefits today:

  • the most comprehensive and inclusive community of IT professionals worldwide!
  • the best source of insights for virtually any IT related subject!
  • the potential to reach out to 185,000 peers worldwide (and growing) to get help on tangible IT challenges!

Watch the introductory video, or go directly to to register yourself and your team.
Because eventually, everything connects!

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