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Digital transformation has been identified as a strategic target for all industries, and Electronic Archiving is an integral part of this. Information, no matter how it has been produced or collected, is becoming a more and more valuable asset for organisations today. However, the requirements to archive information vary widely by sector and country. Nonetheless, e-archiving can be an opportunity if managed correctly. Is your organisation ready to turn electronic archiving into value? 
KPMG and CIONET hosted a joint conference in Luxembourg giving insights into the new Luxembourg law on e-archiving, in addition to best practice about handling Electronic Archiving in the age of digitalisation.”
Are you ready to meet the electronic archiving challenge?
E-archiving is no more an option. We can’t keep everything in a digital world and it’s concerning every kind of business. To face this issue, Luxembourg has display a strong will to become a digital nation.
Between opportunities and troubles, the new legal framework about e-archiving is raising some question.
What is the new PSDC law?
Passed in early summer, the law on electronic archiving (PSDC) concern digitalisation and preservation of the documents. It gives new conditions for the recognition of the legal value of scanned and digital documents. As an enabler of opportunities, it ensures compliance, integrity and authenticity of electronic documents over time. It means also that every e-document has the same value as an original document in front of the law.
The new deal is not only don’t lose the data value but also add a new value with this agreement. For the future the problem can be the format for this document to be still available tomorrow.
Become a PSDC or not?
For the moment, ILNAS has given no agreement. But a lot of players in the domain of data management are thinking about it. KPMG maybe will ask to become one of those. The assets? Keep all the data internally and under control. Sometimes the balance between keep physical archiving or invest in e-archiving is not so important.
Data management
Organized new documents is good, find them it’s better…. Regarding some studies, finding a document in an actual database take around 20 minutes. It’s too long for the business today. Employees want to make their research as simple as google. This amount of data means that we need to review our content and data management, not only on meta-data but the entire document. The ‘google way’ need new rules, news process, new interfaces, all more simple. As every revolution of habits, people need to be informed and fallow.


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