Top CIO concerns, 3 learnings from CIONET's local events program

The local conferences of CIONET are a very fine measurement of the top concerns of CIO’s nowadays. They result from thorough discussions with the local Advisory Boards and members, and as such the topics they have chosen this year can be seen as a finger on the pulse of the major themes on the CIO’s agenda.
So what are the key learnings from the topics the CIONET members have chosen this year?

  • Two-speed IT and managing the complexity of today’s IT environment are new themes that appear in a majority of countries this year. The big success of the Dutch conference on two-speed IT last week is certainly an additional indication of how vital this challenge has become for CIO’s.
  • How to deal with digital transformation and reap the benefit of innovation potential is also a major item, and reappears in different forms throughout the year. CIONET’s top international conference CIO CITY, on June 27-28th in Amsterdam, is totally dedicated to this issue.
  • The usual suspects (cyber)Security and IoT/ Big Data are still major items on the CIO’s agenda, but Cloud has somewhat disappeared as a major issue in comparison to last year.

International event program 2016b
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