18th annual CIO survey

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Dear CIO‘s,
KPMG and CIONET Luxembourg are joining forces to conduct the 18th annual CIOsurvey that examines the changing landscape of the CIO in Luxembourg. Last years’ survey was one of the largest studies of IT leadership in the world with almost 4,000 participants across 50 countries. With the help of the survey results and our analysis, we wish to equip you with insights that will allow you to go from CIO to CIO+.
The message from the 2015 survey was clear; change is rapid and speed is a top priority. Digital innovation is changing business models and IT leaders are moving swiftly to deliver new infrastructure, platforms and applications to meet the fast-changing customer needs. But what are the practical implications for today’s CIOorganisation?
Take part in the survey and you will be entered into a prize draw. The winner will receive a small gift from a luxury brand.
Why take part?
Take part in the 2016 survey, which will take 15-20 minutes to complete, and receive:

  • a full copy of the final report;
  • a complimentary invite to one of our exclusive launch events held in 20 locations across the world;
  • a personal Benchmark Report comparing your key survey responses with your CIO Peer group.

Please note all information will be used for analysis purposes only and no responses will be attributed to individuals.
​Vincent Koller,
Partner: Head of Management Consulting, KPMG ​Luxembourg​

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