Are CIO's becoming more social media savvy?

In CIONET’s yearly member satisfaction survey we ask a couple of questions with regard of the social media use of our CIO members. CIO’s are hardly seen as the most intensive social media users across the corporate organisation. But, as the 2015 survey shows, this is rapidly changing. For one, 25% of the CIO members mentioned a professional Twitter account. But there’s much more:

  • The use of social media is increasing

Asked about whether CIO’s use social media at all, 56% indicated to use social media ‘somewhat’ to ‘very intensively’, up from 47% in  the 2014 survey.
social media effective

  • CIO’s get more effective with using social media

Asked about how efficient CIO’s are using social media, 51% indicated to be ‘somewhat’ to ‘highly’ effective, up from 44% in 2014.
social media use

  • Building new professional relationships becomes the most important reason to use social media

In 2014 knowledge sharing was the primary reason for CIO’s to use social media. In 2015, networking and relationship building has become the main reason. Notably, using social media for recruitment purposes is increasing though still relatively low.
social media reason

  • CIO’s from The Netherlands, Spain and Portugal are the most social media savvy

On average, the CIO’s from The Netherlands, Spain and Portugal are the most intensive and effective users of social media compared to their peers from other countries.
social media countries
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