DevOps & Cloud : The game changers by CIONET & KPMG Luxembourg

Dear CIO’s,
KPMG and CIONET Luxembourg are pleased to invite you to an event on 24th March 2016 about “DevOps & Cloud : The game changers”.
Born of the need to improve IT service delivery agility, the DevOps movement emphasises communication, collaboration, and integration between software developers and IT operations. Rather than seeing these two groups as silos who pass things along but don’t really work together, DevOps recognises the interdependence of software development and IT operations and helps organisations produce software and IT services more rapidly, with frequent iterations.
The cloud, public or private, is a direct response to the need for agility. Initially, people saw cloud computing primarily as a way to save money and transfer CapEx to OpEx. They’ve since come to realise that its real value lies in reducing waste that impedes speed and defocuses effort. Very few companies would identify data centre operations as part of their core value proposition. Cloud services let IT departments shift their focus away from commodity work such as provisioning hardware or patching operating systems, and spend it instead on adding business-specific value.
Cloud computing, agile development, and DevOps are interlocking parts of a strategy for transforming IT into a business adaptability enabler. If the cloud is an instrument, then DevOps is the musician that plays it. Together, they help IT shift its emphasis from asking questions like “how long can we go without an outage?” to “how often can we deliver new functionalities?” or “how quickly can we deploy a new service?”
Made in heaven, the match of cloud computing and DevOps is the bearer of big changes.
17:30 – Welcome
18:00 – DevOps: from theory to practice
Speaker: Jean-Christophe Denis, Director, KPMG Luxembourg
18:30 – The cloud demystified: how security, privacy and localisation of data are treated in Microsoft Cloud services
Speaker: Bruno Schröder, Microsoft Belux Technology Officer
19:15 – Networking drinks

KPMG Luxembourg, Société coopérative
39, Avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg
Parking facilities: Please note that there is no parking places available in KPMG building and therefore – in case you are planning to get here by car – we kindly ask you to use the nearby parking facilities.

This event is only for end-users.

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