Meet the finalists of the European Research Paper of the Year 2016 !

After a thorough process, analysing 18 papers on the short list, the jury of the European Research Paper of the Year has nominated the two finalists for this year’s award. Make sure to meet them live at the international digital leadership conference CIO CITY!
In no particular order, the two finalist teams and the topics of their paper:

  • Coping with Information Technology: Mixed Emotions, Vacillation,stein and Nonconforming Use Patterns

Stein, Mari-Klara Copenhagen Business School

Newell, Sue Sussex University
Wagner, Erica L. Portland State University
Galliers, Robert D. Bentley University
Loughborough University

  • The Value of Self-Service: Long-Term Effects of Technology-Based Self-Service Usage on Customer Retention.

Scherer, Anne ETH Zürich

Wünderlich, Nancy V. University of Paderborn
von Wangenheim, Florian ETH Zürich


Congratulations to the finalists and their team! Make sure to meet them at CIO CITY’16!

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