41% of European companies struggle to keep up with digital transformation

In recent months CIONET, in collaboration with research company NextValue, conducted a survey to assess the state of Digital Transformation in European companies. The findings are based on 491 respondents, mainly CIO’s of major corporations throughout Europe. As such, this research is the first attempt ever to understand the state, the comprehension and the plans of company executives with regard of digital transformation.
The first questions of the survey addressed the perception of European corporations when confronted with the imperatives of the new (digital) normal. 3 conclusions stand out:

  • A consistent 75% strongly agree on the disrupting effects of digitalisation on business models;
  • 41% of respondents perceive their companies as struggling to keep up with the effects caused by the digital disruption;
  • 57% of respondents perceives digitalisation as a medium-term accomplishment (over 1 year).

In the next blog post we will go in depth on the Digital Disruption Readiness index. Make sure to follow CIONET to get the insights!
The full report will be made available to CIONET members in a couple of days

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