A new way for CIOs to maximise their business success

shutterstock_383860597 copyBased on a thorough research of the needs and aspirations of its members, CIONET developed an innovative, impactful way to deal with the challenges of the ambitious CIO+: peer groups. Peer groups are a highly efficient platform to help you make tough tactical and strategic decisions for your business, organisation, and for yourself.

In peer groups the advice you collect on how to deal with your specific issues does not come from industry experts or consultants, but from colleagues from other businesses or industries, facing similar challenges and each having their own way of dealing with this issue.

This is the strength of the peer groups: exchanging real-life experiences in dealing with issues faced by CIOs. Both the dos and don’ts are highly valuable.

At the peer groups you can discuss these, learn from each other’s knowledge and experience and benefit from the combined expertise of the group.

Discover how peer groups can help you

Read or download the brochure here, and join the peer group discovery meetings to have a taste of the power of these groups!
Contact peergroup@cionet.com for any question you might have.

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