The state of digital transformation in Belgium

End of 2015 CIONET and Nextvalue conducted a survey aimed at assessing the status of digital transformation in Europe. Over 60 Belgian CIOs responded to the survey, providing a valuable view on how Belgian companies compare when it comes to digital readiness.
The complete report for Belgium can be downloaded here, but the major conclusions and results can be seen in the document here under. Among others, the key findings show that:

  • A consistent majority of Belgian respondents strongly agree on the disrupting effects of digitalization on business models
  • 58% of Belgian respondents are lagging in digital readiness, compared to 47% across the EU
  • Agile & Lean are the biggest focus areas in making digital transformation happen
  • Big Data is the biggest investment area in making digital transformation happen
  • 59% of respondents have no KPIs in place to measure success of digital transformation
  • Alignment with other business functions and business units is by far the biggest hurdle in making digital transformation a success.


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