What you've missed at CIONET Belgium's event on Emerging Technologies

On September 27th over 60 CIONET members gathered in Mechelen to hear first-hand of new developments in a number of hot technologies. Robotics, Blockchain, Drones, Machine Learning, all these technologies will sooner or later have an impact on virtually every business. But how exactly can IT organisations prepare for them? How to get organised to make sure such developments can be quickly and smoothly integrated in the organisation?
These were some of the questions launched in the group. The answer obviously depends on each company’s specific situation, though what’s for sure is that everyone in the room has these technologies on their watchlist.
100% of the attendees said this conference fulfilled the aim for which they came. This achievement is no doubt due to the high quality speakers of this event: Kalman Tiboldi (TVH), Peter Strickx (Foobar Technologies), Yves Schellekens (Agoria), Diderik van der Veer (Blockchain Vlaanderen) and Geert Hallemeesch (Deloitte). Many thanks to them and to the participants!
If you were not there, see what you’ve missed!
(all pictures by David Legreve)

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