Access to knowledge is major driver for outsourcing, new survey shows

cover_outsourcing_reportA recent survey conducted by Cegeka and CIONET shows that access to knowledge that is not readily available in the organisation is the major driver for IT outsourcing projects. IT organisations are struggling with following new technology evolutions. On the other hand they are required to quickly expand or reduce capacity within the organisation. Outsourcing projects can hence be understood as ways for IT organisations to offer their solutions as a flexible service to their business.

However, organisations can benefit more from outsourcing. There is a room of businesses to get more from outsourcing. Only 44% of the respondents to the survey claim that the underlying business case of the outsourcing project is intensively or regularly monitored during the complete course of the project.

Looking into the future it becomes clear that very few parts of the IT organisation will not be subject to outsourcing. An increasing number of respondents indicate that areas not yet outsourced have the potential to be outsourced in the future.

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