Discover the power of CIO peer groups

One year ago the first CIONET peer group held its first session. It was the start of a series of meetings where CIOs discussed their concerns in a close community, and helped each other in solving them. Peer groups proved to be a very powerful tool to deal with the major challenges faced by CIOs today. In this first year we discussed topics such as cost reduction without reducing service levels, how to scale agile throughout the organisation and how to optimise relationships with the CEO. By exchanging insights and experience on these topics in an open, trustful way, the members of the peer groups obtained valuable ideas they could immediately implement.
Eight IT decision takers participated in the first year. They all renewed for a second year, and will be joined by three additional CIOs. This success in itself is good proof of the value of the peer groups.
Patrick Arlequeeuw, former international CIO at Procter & Gamble, leads the Belgian peer groups. Watch him explaining the concept of peer groups, and two members of the peer group telling what value peer groups bring to them:

Interested in joining a peer group? Send a mail to, or discuss the idea with your local CIONET team!

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