Debrief & pictures of CIONET Belgium conference about GDPR & Data Security

On March 21st over 90 digital leaders gathered in Brussels to share thoughts and experience with preparing for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation. This conference was co-organised with the Belgian Cyber Security Alliance, a group of private companies, public institutions and academics who want to fasten the way companies respond to cyber threats by sharing best practices on a regular basis.
The size of the audience is certainly an indication of how important the issue is for Belgian companies. 6 top speakers shed their light and mind on how companies need to prepare:

  • Jan De Blauwe, CISO at BNP Paribas Fortis and President of the Cyber Security Alliance explained why cyber security and risk need to be on the top of the agendas of companies;
  • George Ataya, professor at Solvay Business School explained the five axes of Data Protection, and how IT organisations can get the right skills to deal implement them;
  • Erik Luysterborg, Partner at Deloitte, gave a thorough insight into how companies need to prioritise in order to prepare for the new regulation;
  • Oyku Isik, assistant professor at the Vlerick Business School, explained through her research what end-customers expect from companies in terms of privacy;
  • Jean-Pierre Bernaerts, CIO of Indaver, gave a first-hand view on what impact the new regulation has on outsourcing contracts;
  • Philippe De Backer, State Secretary responsible for Privacy, explained how exactly the new regulation will be rolled out by the Belgian and European Government.

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