Wrapping up CIOCITY 17 – Day 1

Check out what you have missed!

The most anticipated event of the year for every digital leader is finally here. CIOCITY 17 has brought together more than 250 people who have been immersing in mind-opening talks and workshops with top thought leaders and networking with their international peers.

Take a peek at what we have been up to on the first day of CIOCITY 17 and find out who won the CIO of the Year awards.

Cue in Terence Barry.

Once upon a time, private and public sectors were worlds apart when it came to pretty much everything. Today, when it comes to digital transformation, they are not that far apart as we learned from our CIO Visions’ speakers:

  • Daniel Lebeau from GSK talked about how GSK has been transforming IT through an obsession on speed and user-centricity and how this as enabled a new focus on speed and products, instead of costs and projects.
  • Marco Witteveen explained how a mid-sized European Bank like GarantiBank International NV is building its digital operating model based on 4 interconnected blocks: continuous improvements, continuous change, DevOps IT and enterprise architecture.
  • Gertrud Ingestad, Director General DIGIT, took us through the roads of digitisation of public administrations, the budget, time, speed and trust issues that affect it and shared 7 simple steps to address those issues.
  • Saul Van Beurden from JP Morgan Chase & Co shared his experience leading Chase through U.S.A. digital economy and how they have become an embedded bank – making banking easier, but still being physically aroung when needed.

To spark ideas even more, Davy Kestens from Sparkcentral took to the stage pointed out the massive gaps between the way businesses communicate with customers and the way these expect businesses to communicate with them. He then outlined the path towards an effortless service for businesses while delivering an excellent customer experience.

Davy Kestens

Throughout the afternoon, we got to learn from the latest Blockchain cases in a workshop by Cegeka, how to use IT-CMF to build digital capabilities in a workshop by KPN Consulting and saw a true native experience in a live demo by Outsystems.

Nils Fonstad, MIT, showed us how, based on his research, companies can get digital innovation right: accurately assessing a company, invest in innovation, but always have a vision of the entire portfolio as it is not so much about the total amount spent, but the way it is allocated and how its impact can be amplified.

Now that we have made you read all this, we are ready to disclose the winners of the European CIO of the Year awards, in third-hand (after those who are attending CIOCITY 17 and our Twitter followers, of course):

Digital European Leader of the Year 2017
Indrajit Banerjee, Director Knowledge Societies, UNESCO

European CIO of the Year 2017 – public sector
Sarah Flannigan, CIO, EDF Energy
Marcus Markus Richter, CIO, BAMF

European CIO of the Year 2017 – small & medium sized companies
Maciej Buba, e-commerce IT manager, Amrest

European CIO of the Year 2017 – large enterprise
Ron van Kemenade, Group CIO, ING

European CIO of the Year 2017 - finalists

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