How AIB Bank uses IT-CMF to be recognised as having the best technology function in Europe

A best practice on how to leverage IT-CMF to outperform the market!

AIB, the largest retail and commercial bank in Ireland, has a leading position in digital enablement. AIB’s ambition is to be recognised as having the best technology function of any Bank in Europe by 2019. To achieve this, AIB needed a framework that allowed them to consistently track progress year on year. The IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) was identified as the most adequate solution.


There were three key reasons why AIB chose IT-CMF as the critical framework for assisting them into realising their ambition:

  1. The IVI provides a globally acknowledged process (IT CMF) which allows organisations to baseline their current capabilities while enabling targeted improvement of capabilities through the CIP (Capability Improvement Process);
  2. Access to the IVI consortium with opportunity to engage with industry thought leaders and practitioners with extensive multi industry experience;
  3. Access to business relationship managers an essential value add to the overall IT CMF process.

What was the outcome?

The initial assessment of the IT capabilities, which was based on a survey among 73 key staff and in-depth interviews with 16 of these, revealed some key areas for IT to focus on in order to outperform the market. This was particularly useful when shaping and agreeing next steps in terms of strategy and the new target operating model. This set the path for the GTS and Digital transformation process to a one technology solution for the Bank, which is currently underway.

Next steps?

The assessment led to a clear understanding of the key areas to focus on, and a tangible roadmap to improve capabilities. Among multiple other initiatives, this led to the launch of  CIP, a formalised training and improvement process, to guide capability change in support of AIB’s Business and one technology strategy. This also led to a process to revisit the IT CMF Survey process on a regular basis, in order to assess new IT CMF score as a measure against expected outcomes.

How did this work out?

Watch the 20 minutes presentation of Tim Hynes at CIOCITY’17, explaining the key challenges IT-CMF helped to resolve, in order to turn AIB into a digital powerhouse in the European banking sector:

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