Digital Excellence Awards 2017

The Digital Excellence Awards is a competition created and organised by CIONET Poland that distinguishes the best digital transformation leaders in the country.

This competition is the first of its kind in Poland and, according to Bartosz Górczyński, Managing Director of CIONET Poland, requires companies to show their complete digital transformation using information technology.

In its first edition, the Digital Excellence Awards attracted more than 20 companies with extremely high level projects. Magdalena Chudzikiewicz, Polska Press board member and member of the jury mentioned that this initiative and the nature of projects submitted reflect the evolution Polish companies have been going through regarding digital transformation and the ways it is leading to real impactful changes.

After very long sessions and debate, the jury selected 5 winners and the awards were granted to:


The Digital Excellence Awards winners were announced in a gala event that took place in Ufficio Primo in Warsaw on the 18th of October and gathered over 200 leaders from the largest Polish enterprises and public organizations. This gala was also honoured with the presence of Indrajit Banerjee, Director Knowledge Societies of UNESCO and winner of CIONET’s Digital Leader of the Year 2017 award.

Minister Anna Streżyńska, in representation of the awarded Ministry of Digitization, was another prominent presence in the event where she shared that this award was a reflection of the hard work the whole ministerial team had been doing: “We put our whole hearts in everything we do. All our time and skills. We are very pleased to have received this honour.”, said Anna Streżyńska.

Dr. Mark Loughran, CEO of Microsoft Poland highlighted the energy and excitement felt all around regarding the next years in Poland and the way companies are fully embracing digital transformation to bring about ever greater opportunities.

Congratulations to CIONET Poland’s team, all the winners and participants of the Digital Excellence Awards 2017.

While we look forward to next year’s edition, check out this year’s pictures bellow:

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