See what you missed at the CIONET Belgium conference on Scaling Agile

Virtually every IT organisation is implementing agile methodologies. Sometimes in small  ‘test-case’ teams, sometimes throughout the IT organisation. The success of this methodology in achieving faster and bigger business impact is undeniable. The need for agile is being felt throughout the whole organisation.
But how to do this? And, more importantly for CIOs: what is the role of IT in making agile principles broadly adopted throughout the organisation?
On October 24th CIONET Belgium gathered over 40 CIOs and IT professionals to discuss this issue. Through 5 testimonials we learned how companies deal with this challenge:

  • Ronny Luyters and Stijn Van den Ende from ACA IT Solutions brought us a live testimonial on how holacracy brought a solution to some of the challenges that came along with agile adoption;
  • For those who are already far ahead in agile adoption, the case of CM brought by Erik Van Overloop provided a refreshing perspective. In an early phase of adoption we could recognise some of the issues that arise later in the adoption process;
  • ING is in the phase of building agile platforms across countries, building cross-border agile teams in the process. A challenge in itself, on which Johan Willems brought his perspective and experience;
  • Sam Lloyd, CIO of Telenet discussed the specific challenge of integrating a recently acquired company whose IT organisation was ahead in adopting agile methodologies;
  • Last but not least, Danny Creteer from Leaseplan showed us how a top-down push in adopting agile can work in a traditional environment.

According to the satisfaction survey the conference met the expectations of 100% of the attendees. We wish to thank all the speakers and attendees in making this event a great success.
See it in action! If you were there, this is a chance to recollect some memories and messages from the conference. If you were not, this is a good chance to see what you’ve missed from this conference. Looking at the dense attention of the audience, you certainly missed some strong and valuable peer advise!

See you at out next event: ” Innovation methodologies, the role of IT” on December 7th !

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