The Web Summit Experience

Over 60.000 attendees. Over 1.200 speakers in 18 conferences. Over 170 countries represented. These are the main numbers of the most recent edition of the Web Summit, considered one of the major technology conferences in the world and currently an undeniable landmark in every digital leader agenda.

The hype around the Web Summit may be one of the highest ever, but it is not unjustified. From the centre stage talks, to topic and industry specific conferences and a vast number of truly amazing startups, it is always difficult to see everything we want to see, but one thing is certain: yes, everybody will feel like they missed something (they probably did), but everybody will leave the Web Summit a whole lot more knowledgeable, inspired, connected and energized.

As so, and building on the success of the previous initiatives, CIONET Netherlands joined a group of IT and digital leaders from the Netherlands and came to Lisbon to live the full Web Summit experience.


But what it the Web Summit experience?

The Web Summit is much more than any regular conference. There are presentations, panels and debates from experts across many topics like AI, blockchain, smart cities, IoT, data, sustainability, etc. and industries like banking, health, sport, music, etc., some more ground-breaking or enriching than others. There are also the startups from entrepreneurs as young as 16 and as old as 60 years old and the large companies showcasing their main innovations. There are even all the side events with the surf, sunset and night summits where networking leaves the event pavilions and takes over the city. But what makes the Web Summit experience so unique is a transformational energy that cannot be put into words. So, we put it in a video – check it out!


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