CIONET Webinars: knowledge and inspiration for the year ahead

CIONET Webinars are an opportunity to learn from and get inspired by the experiences of some of our members. If you were unable to participate in the live webinars we organised last year or just want to start the year with a boost of energy, knowledge and inspiration, here is your chance to view or review four of our recorded webinars.


Digital Transformation at the German Office of Migration

Webinar: Digital Transformation at the German Office of MigrationMarkus Richter, CIO at the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and European CIO of the Year 2017, takes us through his experience of digital transformation in this governmental organisation. The enormous pressure from the fast developing major refugee crisis not only triggered a record time response with an organisational redesign, but was also an opportunity to start engaging with all stakeholders and boosting a full digital transformation process. In this webinar, you will also learn about this organisation’s ongoing and future projects involving blockchain, predictive tools and open innovation.


Turning data collection into data strategy

Webinar: Turning data collection into data strategyMaciej Buba, E-commerce IT manager at the Polish restaurant chain AmRest and European CIO of the Year 2017, explains how becoming a data-centric organisation has been key in supporting the business strategy and what steps he is taking to drive that transformation. From specific digitalisation projects like a delivery-zone management system for the KFC and Pizza Hut brands to the operational implications of those initiatives in human resources, for example, you will understand how great business value can really be achieved through a well-thought data strategy.


How to prepare your IT organisation for the adoption of new technologies

Webinar: How to prepare your IT organisation for the adoption of new technologiesKalman Tiboldi, Chief Business Innovation Officer at TVH, talks about what the new digital world means for businesses and shares his experience on how new technologies were integrated into the organisation and the ongoing digital transformation process that started more than ten years ago. From transforming the traditional IT department into one merged with business to developing a brand new business model and from the profound cultural change to the new challenges regarding talent acquisition and retention, this webinar will give you a unique look into how TVH approached digital transformation, its failures and successes.


Digital Transformation at IKEA

Webinar: Digital Transformation at IKEAPaolo Cinelli, Digital Business Manager at IKEA, shares how IKEA is driving digital transformation, the challenges and outcomes of the journey so far. After identifying five different transformational areas, IKEA started drafting a digital business direction which would make sense of all major trends and outline the way to go about digital transformation in this global organisation based on a franchising model. In this webinar, you will also learn about the role stakeholder involvement is having in IKEA’s case.


What’s next?

Our next webinar will be live exclusively for our members this Friday, January 12th at 10:30 CET, with Sarah Flannigan, European CIO of the Year 2017, who will share how the National Trust in the UK was transformed to take advantage of the new digital world, the challenges faced while ensuring a successful cultural shift and how she is now taking the lessons learned as CIO of a non-profit organisation to her new role as CIO at EDF Energy. Register here.

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