CIONET Papers: the CIO’s role in innovation

With innovation being as vital as never before for any business and technology playing a major part in supporting and accelerating it, the role of the CIO has evolved to become more and more strategic.

As so, CIONET Spain created a group with 15 of its members and specialists from both private and public entities aimed researching, reflecting and debating innovation. According to Federico Florez, CIIO of Ferrovial and member of CIONET Spain’s Innovation CIO Group, “the CIO is the key figure in the innovation process, has the tools and knowledge to channel and drive it.”

But what should exactly be the role of the CIO in innovation? What are the main innovation drivers? How to truly integrate innovation in the organisation? These are some of issues addressed in the paper “The CIO’s role in innovation” developed by CIONET Spain’s Innovation CIO Group.

Click here to download this paper, or read it online here:

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For the original version in Spanish, click here.

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