Discover what your employees REALLY want

Do you ever wonder how your organisation can benefit from current trends and attract talent with a future proof skill set?
Do you want to know how your organisation meets the expectations of new generations?  
Do you want to discover how technology can help to use the full potential of people, and help your organisation to new levels of productivity? 
Join the session of Tom Haak at CIONEXT, and find out from a leading HR expert what your employees really want! Tom is one of the global HR thought leaders, and at CIONEXT you will find his high paced introduction both informative and entertaining. 


What will you learn at this session?

After this session, you will:

  • have a better view on future workforce trends
  • know what to look for when recruiting talent with future proof skills
  • have a better idea how HR tech can help digital leaders
  • be inspired on how to use the trends to utilize the potential of people

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Get a first feeling of the insights of Tom Haak here:


…but don’t miss the chance to interact with him directly at CIONEXT,
and benefit from his insights in order to make your organisation performing optimally!


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About CIONEXT, June 11th in Brussels

CIONEXT is a unique, high-energy conference for CIOs that want to fast-forward their careers and companies. On June 11th you can build your own program from 20+ world-class workshops that will give you the skills, tools and learning you need to make the difference for your business, and for yourself.

What will you take home from the day?

Know-how. Skills. Tools. Connections. Inspiration. Vision. Energy. Because you assemble your own seven-session agenda from 20+ world-class workshops, what you take home is down to you. Each workshop leader is committed to deliver three key learnings, meaning you get at least twenty-one, actionable insights to begin applying in your business the very next day!

Choosing your sessions:

Check out the sessions to choose from here. You can attend a maximum of 7 sessions throughout the day. Based on your preferences, some sessions might run two times throughout the day. The exact hours of the sessions will be determined based on your preferences, your final agenda will be communicated to you 2 weeks before the event.

Don’t know which sessions to choose?

Choosing between 20+ world-class, high value workshops might look overwhelming. Therefore we created a quick, 5-minute self-assessment survey. Complete this survey here we will send you a suggested list of key sessions you should attend in order to become a top-performing CIO!
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