See what you missed @ CIONET Belgium's event on Generating value from your Data

On March 6th over 40 CIONET Belgium members gathered to discuss how to generate more value from the data corporations gather. Through intense debates and expert opinions, they got fresh ideas and insights on how to get the most of this increasingly vital asset for their companies. Data is definitely the new oil…

  • Roger Camrass, professor at the University of Surrey, gave an overview of how emerging companies outpace traditional ones by innovative ways of using data;
  • Sudaman Thoppan, Chief Data Officer of Allianz offered a perspective on how new trends will affect the insurance industry, and the role data will play in it;
  • Nick Marly, CIO of the Federal Social Security Agency showcased some of the data he and his team are producing to draw conclusions for the benefit of society;
  • Jo Coutuer, Chief Data Officer at BNPPAribasFortis, brought some fresh perspectives on how data can be used to the benefit of the bank’s clients;
  • Erik Mannens, Professor at the University of Ghent explained how AI will influence the way we use data in our companies.

According to the feedback forms 92% of the attendees reached their objectives at this event! We wish to thank all of the speakers and attendees for contributing to this success!
If you were there, the pictures below will give you a chance to collect some good memories. If you were not, they will give you a sense of what you have missed!
See you at the next CIONET Belgium event: How to architect your digital business, where we will discuss how to build the right architecture for the new business imperative! Click here if you haven’t registered yet.

(pictures by Gil Plaquet)


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