CIONET Opinions: Jens-Peter Labus on the new retail

Looking back to 2001, who could have imagined that the digitisation of CDs to mp3s, Napster and the early beginnings of ecommerce would have spelled the demise of so many major music retail stores?
It was a harsh reality that built up slowly. Since then, we have been witnessing more and more of such cases, but at an ever faster pace. In the past weeks we have watched yet another one of those cases unfold as Toys ‘R Us struggled and failed to find a last minute bailout and sealed its now doomed fate.
In our latest ‘CIONET Opinions’ article, Jens-Peter Labus, Associate Member at the GermanRetailLab e.V. and Chief Cyborg Officer at MediaMarktSaturn, takes us through a fascinating journey across some of the technologies that are shaping the new retail and shares his view on what this digital possible means for established companies. Check it out:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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