The Future of Work

We have all read the headlines before: “the robots are coming!”, “millions of jobs will be lost!”. Although these headlines may raise awareness of the transformation work has been experiencing, they also distract from the complex issues that are shaping the future of work. Additionally, all this hype doesn’t really help organisations navigate this evolving new reality.
Do you want to have an in-depth understanding of the real issues impacting the work, the worker and the workplace? Do you want to learn how to navigate this new reality and lead your organisation into the future of work?
In this video, Frederiek van Tornout, Director – Human Capital at Deloitte Belgium shares what you will learn in his CIONEXT session about the Future of Work. Check it out and be sure not to miss this chance to move beyond the hype and take the lead in getting your organisation ready for the present and the future.


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