Feel the energy of CIONEXT 2018 in video

The build-up to CIONEXT was exhilarating and as June 11th came up, the energy and excitement levels couldn’t have been higher. The next generation of CIOs gathered in La Hulpe, Brussels and through a full day of intensive workshops and multiple networking moments, each one got to develop and expand their skills to become a future-proof CIO.
CIONEXT 2018 was, as we heard several people say, what we can call a “linchpin of change”. Why? Because, although the conversation about the new CIO role has been vibrant for a while, this was the key moment where they got to step beyond the technical skills, away from slide decks of case studies which only showcase positive results and actively work on the soft skills they need to master to become even more successful and on the very real challenges and opportunities ahead.
For everyone that attended, including the speakers who got to witness the transformations right before their eyes, we are sure CIONEXT 2018 was an unforgettable experience. But this is just the beginning.
Check out the video summary of the day to have a feel of the energy of CIONEXT 2018 and stay tuned for the dates of next year’s edition!

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