New analyst report available!

“Customer-facing applications challenge all the norms of enterprise software development and solution architecture. Delivery speed is the biggest challenge.” Forrester Research Application development has entered a new era. The need […]

2014 European IT & Management Trends

CIONET presents its yearly report on IT Trends, prepared by lead-authors Jerry Luftman* & Barry Derksen** on the base of an international and long-running Society for Information Management IT Trends survey. While the research initiative collected […]

IT-Enabled Leadership report

INSEAD & CIOnet proudly present the report: IT-Enabled Leadership This report presents results from an in-depth study which surveyed 130 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from seven European countries and interviewed […]

Hope is not a method!

Erik Guldentops, Executive Professor at the University of Antwerp – Management School. How are CIOs dealing with Performance Management? CIOnet set up a survey that got an excellent response from […]

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